Here at ecoYoga we run several yoga retreats (we also call them yoga courses) throughout the year. During the times in between retreats, you are welcome to come and stay and make use of the facilities on your own self-catering holiday and participate in yoga classes run by our resident yoga instructor .


The art of yoga. Photo: Seona RobinsonAn ecoYoga day may start with an invigorating shower or a lazy soak in a Hot tub. During retreat time a Yoga class will take place in the morning followed by brunch. The day is then as free as it is long, to enjoy, reading, roaming the hills and Lochs, visiting standing stones and other ancient megalithic sights.


Everything at the ecoYoga Centre is optional. You can do as much or as little as you like. We generate our own electricity by our small hydro-electric power station, plus solar panels; and our water comes directly from a natural spring situated just above our retreat, making us both 'off-grid' and truly sustainable. Life at Inverliever Lodge is shaped by the seasons and the elements. If you would like to be involved in gardening, chopping wood, forest creation, spotting ospreys or a myriad of other activities then you can - or simply relax and rejuvinate in luxurious 'eco' style!


At the ecoYoga Centre each visiting teacher brings their unique discipline of Yoga style and teaching methods. We particularly enjoy the challenging dynamic style of Ashtanga Yoga and the precise and equally demanding style of Iyengar Yoga.


Based on over 30 years of Yoga practice and learning Nick has invited some of the most renowned and respected Yoga teachers who he has met and studied with over the years.




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