Self Catering Holidays

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Cost for persons under 19 is £10 plus 3 times their age in years. [e.g. for a ten-year-old: £40.00]. Further discounts apply if staying more than 1 night.


Self Catering Holidays at Ecoyoga This is on a self catering basis with 10% discount for two people sharing a room. You can use the cafe kitchen to cook/prepare your own meals. We'll provide some healthy muesli and good old fashioned Scottish porridge oats for you to rustle up a breakfast, along with some fresh eggs from the ecoYoga chickens (although it'll be dependent upon the number of eggs our chickens lay when you're here!) Please notice that we are a pescotarian kitchen - we kindly ask you not to use meat although fish is ok prepared with consideration to other guests.


Includes use of all ecoYoga Centre facilities: hot tubs, sauna, wild river baths, Yoga studio. Please note that certain facilities may not be available all the time. We need time to maintain or clean the hot tubs, sauna and baths.


Yoga Classes

For most of the year there is a resident Yoga instructor who takes classes every day in the Yoga studio. Classes are by arrangement when you get here and you pay a fee payable directly to the instructor. You are free to take part in as many or as few (including none!) classes as you wish. The costs of Yoga classes is divided by the number of students.


number of students 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8+
Total cost £40 £60 £80 £100 £120 £140 £160 +£10
Cost per student £40 £30 £26 £25 £24 £23 £22  





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Full price table

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Price per night:£120.00£70.00£66.00£63.00£60.00£57.00