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Some of the latest entries from our guestbook.


Just to say thank you for a beautiful experience during the Ashtanga retreat with Philippa Asher. A lush and heavenly location, scrumptious food and the peace and serenity is a world beyond! 

Best wishes from the heart.

Sabina , 15/9/14



We just wanted to thank you for everything. Obviously it’s a beautiful, magical place but you made it that much more special with your attention to detail and kindness. It felt like home in true sense of the word. 

Vy and Jake and Shelia (the dog), Septemeber 2014 - Restorative Yoga Retreat



Thank you for the wonderful yoga and for accommodating all (and there were lots!) our aches and pains. We enjoyed sharing your beautiful home, and especially the hot tubs.

Anne & Christine, November 2012



Such a beautiful and inspiring place to be, you must have worked so hard to create such a magical place. I have been enjoying the nature very much and the cleansing of the water. I have laughed so so much that my tummy muscles are aching!! And jumping on the trampoline with Nettah and Lorenz was a very special moment, they are such beautiful children. We really enjoyed our stay, thank you for having us.

Clare & Richard, September 2012



Thank you for creating such a magical place. I particularly loved the double rainbow at the end!


See you once again soon.

Alan E, August 2012



Thank you for a wonderful week and for makingus so welcome. The rooms are wonderful havens of peace and comfort, beautifully thought out and furnished. The setting is superb and you have made the most of it. You set a wonderful example and show what is possible in this world. And the food...♥!


Looking forward to coming back one day.

Michele, August 2012



Thank you so much for the wonderful week at your place and hope to see you next year at Inverliever Lodge.

Donna Sturm, April 2012



Many thanks for a lovely time at Inverliever last week - I really enjoyed it.

Jake, April 2012



Thank you once again for an exceptional week of yoga. The teaching, food and bathing were all excellent. I picked up some really great pointers on both the practice and underpinning philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga, and thoroughly enjoyed working with such an experienced and inspirational teacher - thank you Hamish. It has also been the perfect opportunity to reflect after a year of daily yoga practice and a packed work schedule.


Good luck with the rest of the year's retreats, and I look forward to seeing you again next year.

Chris Martin, April 2012



Once again I'm leaving feeling totally relaxed and rested, sparkingly clean from all the bathing, a bit more flexible from daily yoga and slightly fatter from not being able to resist second helpings of that wonderful food.


Second time round it's still a very special place and I feel lucky to have discovered it. Thanks Nick & Rachel for being so welcoming and friendly, Hamish for great yoga classes, answering my silly questions and rescuing me when I got stuck in Bhujapidasana (I'd still be there now), Kali for her hard work in the kitchen, Sarah & Cam for all their friendly help, all the other guests/relatives for their warm company, and Lily for being a bundle of gorgeous fluff. Right, that's the Oscar speech over.


See you again!

Sarah, April 2012



Thank you Nick and Rachel for welcoming me into your home. I really felt like part of the family. A week of total relaxation filled with nature and amazing food. Thanks so much!

TG, August 2011



Thank you so very deeply for your wonderful space and magical energy. It has been a joy and an honour.

Amanda, September 2011



Thank you for an amazing week. Your passion, vision and commitment has shone through in all aspects (at all scales) of the buildings/energy infrastructure, the experience for your guests and of course the Yoga. 


On a personal and professional level your success in developing a truly sustainable retreat which works so well in the context of its environment has inspired me to return to my very different world of energy and sustainability research and innovation with a refreshed perspective and renewed enthusiasm.


Enjoy the well deserved rest over the winter and hopefully see you next year!

CM, September 2011



I didn't realise how much I needed this until I was here! That bed is amazing, like a little heaven on Earth as I lay there and the rain (otherwise known as killowatts to Nick ;-)) comes pouring down on my sun roof. I loved it! Of course bathing by the waterfall is an experience I'll never forget. The food - too special for words and of course, the fantastic Yoga too, I felt all the toxins pour out of me.


You really have done a fantastic job. Maybe I'll see you again, but if not, I'll always remember it.

Mandy, September 2011



You have clearly had a strong vision for this place and have done an amazing job realising it. The Lodge is visionary in its use of natural resources, not just to geberate the power but also using the space to create relaxation. This is a really impressive building project but  ithink I will remember the details most of all - how the sauna and baths make the most of the landscape, the quality of the materials from the most comfortable beds in the world to the best Yoga equipment.


And none of this would be as memorable without the warm welcome from everybody here. Thank you to everyone (including your lovely children) for making us feel so welcome.


Of course I have to mention the food - I now have a notebook full of recipies and a very very happy tummy. Thank you so much and hopefully see you next year!

Kate, September 2011



This is a jewel in the Argyll forest. Having an Upper Gorge bath was tranquil and the colour green with all the leaves was so relaxing!


Yoga with Eyal a wonderful way to start the day. Francesca's cooking was delicious and colourful and I enjoyed the group's company. It's been fantastic.

T, September 2011



My card on arrival said "inspiration" and it proved prophetic.


Nick and Rachel you have been inspirational in your scope, scale and execution of your vision. Francesca was inspirational in her incredibly varied range of delicious dishes. Eyal was inspiring in his practice and his communication of Yoga as well as patient in sharing it.


Inverliever was just inspiring! Thank you all for a wonderful week.

PCF, September 2011



What a terrific weekend - all too short and I now wish I had stayed for the week. You've created a brilliant environment, not just for Yoga but for well-being in general. So good to see someone taking such a proactive approach to harness some of the energy and beauty of the Scottish countryside and welcome people to join then in it!


The Lower Gorge bath is just genius. Late night hot tubs are always a good idea and combined with the friendly atmosphere plus large quantities of veggie food I am leaving so healthy and revitatlised. Big thanks to Eyal for my first Yoga lessons. See you next time!

JG, September 2011



Thanks for such a lovely weekend - all so well organised, laid back and amazing attention to detail - the secret passageway to the sauna, the bit of lavender on the towel, the bath by the waterfall and loads of other things. It's a very special place and I would have loved to stay for the whole week.


Thanks to Francesca for great food and Eyal for great yoga as well. Can't wait to come back!

SR, September 2011



Thank you for an amazing two weeks! It really felt like a home stay for a group of yogis. I am looking forward to returning next year!

JS, August 2011



Thank you all so much! Upper Gorge bath, in the rain - the most sensual experience - ever - and that's after fantastic Yoga (body and mind) and vegetarian cooking good enough to convert the biggest meat eater.


The best holiday I've ever had.

DB, August 2011



You have created a very special centre. Perfect for Yoga and just being with all the beautiful things nature gave us. Also you have the most amazing water features ever created... by nature of course... and the watre delicious to drink and fabulous to bathe in. The day on the boat was totally wonderful - all that blue stillness!


Thank you everyone at Ecoyoga and save my place on Gingi's course next year!

Isobel, August 2011



Your ecoYoga vision has resulted in the creation of a magical haven in the beautiful Scottish countryside. With hot tubs, outdoor baths nestled in the rocks next to an impressive waterfall, and a sweat lodge sitting on the edge of a stream, the ecoYoga centre is the perfect place to visit for a yoga retreat or just a break from the everyday hustle and bustle of life...;

Pamela, September 2010



I'm delighted to be the first to say thank you Nick and Rachel for making me feel so welcome and sharing your home, knowledge and lifestyle - and for showing me round this wonderful part of our world. I wish you every success and hope to return soon to spend more time in this special place.

GT, August 2011



5 star rustic!!

Sue, October 2013