During each retreat week there will be a chance to visit the Inverliever Hydro power station which powers the whole retreat Centre. We can also examine close up the other renewables at the Centre. The photovoltaic panels and the vacuum tube solar water heaters. Occasionally Nick will lead an informal discussion on ecoYoga: the physics and philosophy of renewable energy. We will examine the hidden world of metaphysics and radiant energy, and explore parallels between subtle Yoga practise and tuned energy resonance.


River Inverliever The ecoYoga Centre at Inverliever Lodge is entirely powered by renewable energy. For the last five years Nick and Rachel have strived to rebuild the Centre to have a carbon positive footprint. At the ecoYoga Centre we can announce that the fossil fuel age is over (well almost*)!


It was a pleasurable day when we pulled out the old coal burning stove and installed a biomass pellet boiler that now heats the main dining hall. Coupled with one metre deep Warmcell (recycled newspaper) insulation in the loft and all new double glazed windows the hall is snug as can be.

Solar panelsEver impressed by the strength of the Scottish sun we recently installed two huge arrays of evacuated solar panels. 360 vacuum tubes in all. This produces enough hot water during the summer months to supply the whole ecoYoga Centre. Our four tonnes of hot water holding tanks ensure that whenever you want a hot bath or tub there is plenty of fresh steaming water available. The ecoYoga Centre is copiously supplied by spring water and the sun never runs out (we hope) so this means we can indulge in luxurious bathing - the true result of renewables.


Hydroelectric powerOur newly commissioned 550Kw hydroelectric power station uses the natural run of the river Leiver to produce tremendous amounts of power. The ecoYoga Centre is entirely supplied with electricity and the excess from the power station supplies up to 300 homes with all their electricity needs.








We are also experimenting with more esoteric forms of energy production and at present are testing an earth battery and building prototype vortex generators. The Earth battery is in its infancy and uses the Earths own magnetic field and fluxes to generate small amounts of currents. The water based vortex generator is not yet operational (still in the workshop!) and will tap into zero point energy. More to follow.



The fossil fuel age is over... well almost!

We still have a diesel powered van but we are delighted with our new electric car that charges directly from the hydro system - making it a truly water powered vehicle. We can now go the beach emitting zero carbon.