At the ecoYoga centre we believe that there is nothing better in life than a good long soak, chin deep, in hot water. We therefore offer a choice of bathing places for our guests from a simple cleansing shower to deep immersion in one of our wooden hot tubs. All our bathing is powered by 100% renewable energy and the water used is from our own private spring - a wonderful 'soft' water that leaves the skin soft and shiny.


Spa Dome

Sento Dome

Our bathing facilities follow the natural flow of our stretch of river. The sento dome, close to our spacious yoga studio, offers rainforest showers and a hot tub that comfortably sits half a dozen people, set within a geodesic glass dome filled with natural light.


Sento Dome


Hot tub

Hot tub in Spa Dome

Inspired by the ancient purification rites of Japanese bathing, this bath offers a sensual feeling of well-being and harmony. Protected by a geodesic dome it is wonderful for hot soaks in all weather.


Hot Tub



Artisan Sauna

Sweat Lodge

Follow the river from the sento dome and you find yourself at our artisan sauna, built with sustainable Scottish Douglas fir wood, with its own natural spring water plunge pool. The sauna can be reached via a few steps, or a secret passage.......!


Sweat Lodge Sweat Lodge


Upper Gorge Bath

Upper Gorge Bath

Just below the sauna the river pours past the Upper Gorge Bath. Built into the rock, with hot and cold running spring water, this beautiful bath offers you the perfect opportunity to scrub, soak and contemplate, or just dream.......


Upper Gorge Bath Upper Gorge Bath


Lower Gorge Bath

Lower gorge bath

Here, where our river plunges into a natural gorge and joins the mighty Liever River, we've created the Lower Gorge Bath. This deep bathtub - that easily fits two- has piped hot and cold water, and stands on a solid wooden platform overlooking a waterfall. Draw yourself an afternoon or evening bath that you will never forget. Alternate a hot soak with a wild river swim. The ultimate luxury wild swim!


Lower gorge bath Lower gorge bath





The Buddha said, 'there are seven salutary effects of bathing, and seven benefits accrue...
The seven objects are firewood, pure water; bean husks for scrubbing, bath oil to moisten, cool and soften the body, finely ground ashes, willow-twig toothpicks and bath robes.

The seven salutary effects of bathing are relaxation of the body; avoidance of colds;
avoidance of pains; avoidance of chills; avoidance of fever;
avoidance of filth; and refreshing the body and clearing of vision

... in every life into which you are reborn you will be lovely in form and pure in person.'
(from Pleasures of the Japanese Bath - Grilli/Levy)